HEXTERMINATE is a demanding PC game where the player takes the role of an Imperial commander and embarks on a campaign of galactic conquest! Challenging and fast paced, with hundreds of modules to find and a vast galaxy to subdue, it is up to you to bring Order and Prosperity to the renegade sectors (with the occasional planetary bombardment).

With an Empire shattered by centuries of in-fighting, it is now time for the Great Reclaiming to begin. Build your starship from the spoils of war, expanding it until your gunship becomes a terrifying dreadnought capable of single-handedly laying waste to entire fleets.

As you aid with expanding the Empire, the Imperial headquarters will field additional fleets and put the deep space shipyards to use, building ships to assist you in engagements which are often fought against tremendous odds.

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The game is now available on Steam!


HEXTERMINATE has been in development for a very, very long time. Many years ago, I thought it would be a good idea to write my own engine for this game: using C++, SDL, OpenGL, CGFX, Havok Physics and FMOD. This was so long ago that CGFX was deprecated and Havok Physics stopped being free, so the engine has been receiving a steady stream of updates over the years, with the most recent being stripping out Havok and replacing it with the open source Bullet Physics.

This was the project that got me into engine development and has eventually led me to join Frontier Developments as part of the engine team.