During some recent work, I’ve had the need to automate a large number of Google searches for further analysis. Lamprey is the result of that effort and it is shared here in the hope it might be useful for someone else.

Dark Age: Artificing

Player guide for Artificing, a new system which I have developed for the Dark Age Ultima Online shard. This expands the previously existing crafting and magic systems to allow players the ability to customise their gear further, as well as providing long-term incentives in the PvE realm.

Hack The Box: La Casa de Papel

Despite the “Easy” tag, La Casa de Papel was an elaborate box. A vulnerable service leads to an unusual, limited PHP shell which allows us to generate our own signed certificates to access a specific part of the site. From there, a local file inclusion lets us acquire SSH credentials and then escalate to root via a misconfiguration.

Hack The Box: Lightweight

A fairly straightforward machine, Lightweight lets us explore an insuficiently secured LDAP environment, where we intercept credentials by listening in to the network device. It also leads down the path of Linux capabilities, to find an openssl binary which can do far more than it should.